Thursday, October 8, 2009

The God of Refurbishment.

It seems I have spent my entire life learning to refurbish or repair things. As child on a small farm, I learned at a young age that everything can be salvaged. Anything can either be fixed or used to repair something else. I was trained by necessity to take things that many would discard and find ways to return them to a useful condition. Even at my first job out of college, my function was to find ways to salvage and refurbish aircraft parts. I continued to be shaped to believe anything could be salvaged or refurbished. Through all of this experience seeing things restored, it is amazing that I found it hard to believe that I could be salvaged when I was broken. When I had made a mess out of my life, how could I ever be repaired or refurbished?

It is amazing that I missed God's story of refurbishing people thoughout His love story of the Bible. If God could create me from the start, then why couldn't He repair or refurbish me. Through God's patience and the patience of those He put around me, I was able to understand that not only could I be refurbished, but I could be reinstalled into His body for His purpose. I pray that this will be a site of understanding and encouragement for those who are in the process of being refurbished and reinstalled into the body, His body.

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